Planned Projects

In addition to research currently underway, SIFAR hopes to embark on a number of additional research projects in future. These include:   

  1. Research focused on understanding healthcare professionals’ experiences of engaging with older people in clinical settings at the primary care level. 
  2. A sentinel survey of the reasons for older persons’ visits to primary care practitioners. 
  3. The impact that a peer support program on older people’s health, wellbeing and quality of life and whether such an intervention can contribute to strengthening primary healthcare service delivery. 
  4. A health survey comparing community-dwelling older people with those living in long term care facilities
  5. Designing a TeleHealth intervention to deliver effective geriatric healthcare services to remote communities. 
  6. Evaluating the scalability of geriatric primary healthcare services to under-resourced communities in low and middle income countries.
  7. A study on the impact of HIV/AIDS on the wellbeing of older persons.