Research Papers 




 Research Papers

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Kelly, G. 16 March, 2020.We Need To Act Quickly To Protect Older People In Sa From Covid-19. Daily Maverick Op-Ed  Https://Www.Sifar.Org.Za/Daily-Maverick-Op-Ed-We-Need-Act-Quickly-Protect-Older-People-Sa-Covid-19 (also Featured on UCT News) - Unintended Consequences Of Changes To Pension Delivery Amidst COVID19: The Case Of South Africa. 19 May, 2020

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Collaboration with HelpAge International - How to administer pension payments during the COVID-19 pandemic 

Collaboration with HelpAge International -  Guidelines on pension collection safety around COVID 

Kelly, G. & Geffen, L. 2020. Guidelines, Standard Operating Procedures and Clinical Practice – Preventing and Managing COVID-19 infections in Long-Term Care Facilities. Samson Institute for Ageing Research. 25 June 2020.