Resources on Ageing

The Samson Institute for Ageing Research (SIFAR) is pleased to announce the launch of Who What Where , an online geolocated resource of services and resources available to older persons in South Africa, primarily the Western Cape. 

Drawing on the WHO concept of ‘age-friendly more

Objectives:To assess the feasibility, acceptability, and psychometric properties of the self-report versionof the interRAI Check-Up (CUSR).Design:Cross-sectional study of participant ratings of item content and difficulty completing the CUSR.Participants were also randomly assigned to complete the assessment by themselves or with help from alay interviewer.Settings and Participants:A total of 184 older adults from diverse backgrounds, served by 6 Canadianorganizations in Ontario and Nova Scotia more
Establishing the criterion validity of the interRAI check-up self report instrument 
The paper highlights the current state of geriatric and gerontology curricula at the four universities and nursing colleges in Cape Town, South Africa. The teaching of geriatrics and gerontology to health and social sciences students in South Africa has been stunted over the last several decades. The training of professionals in geriatric care and health service provision at a primary healthcare level for older persons has also been troubled by institutional challenges and insufficient support more
The aim of the study was to understand older persons’ experiences of primary healthcare services in their communities.
Provides Information about elder abuse 
This chapter reviews key issues, research, and policies related to care of older adults
The article traces the legislative and policy developments from the Aged Persons Act of 1967 up to the Older Persons Act 13 of 2006.
Discusses the rights of older persons and the challenges they face 
Newsletter of the South African Older Persons’ Forum about the commencement of the older persons Act
Call for comments on the older persons amendment bill,2017
Challenges faced by home care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic 
The article presents a framework that can be used by doctors, in both the public and private healthcare sectors, to respond to difficult ethical decisions and choices during the COVID-19 pandemic
Recommendations on how to protect healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic 
A review that describes the risks and challenges faced by  healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic,specifically  in Africa
A summary of the evidence from a rapid Cochrane qualitative evidence synthesis by Houghton et al. 
Moving towards long-term care systems insub-Saharan Africa
"A framework for coordinated global action by the World Health Organization,Member States, and Partners across the Sustainable Development Goals"
A resource that aims to educate PHC providers about the needs of their older persons
An information booklet that provides tips and skills to manage pain
Pain SF7 toolkit  
Chronic pain description and management 
Reflections and experiences from an older person’s perspective on pain
Exercise manual aimed at helping  assist older adults in starting a well-rounded exercise program
Provides a critique of the primary health care approach in South Africa
The study aims to understand why physicians find primary care with elderly patients difficult
Older adults experiences of health care system in South Africa
A qualitative assessment of how older persons experience healthcare delivery at two primary healthcare clinics,and identify perceived gaps in health care to older people
This study aims to evaluate the quality of South African primary care 
It shows the global impact of dementia in a inforgaraphic format
Guidance and Resources for Providers to support the Aged Care Quality Standards
Discusses long term care challenges and  solutions
An evaluation of service centres for older persons 
Checklist for choosing a long-term care facility
A review of coverage deficits in 46 countries
The impact of demographic change on economic development
A comprehensive profile of elderly persons in South Africa
The policy responses to the implications of population ageing in South Africa
The health and well-being of older people in rural South Africa
Cognitive Function and Impairment in Older,Rural South African Adults
Global survey:Attitudes towards dementia
Experience of living with dementia from the patient’s perspective