Who What Where

The Samson Institute for Ageing Research (SIFAR) is pleased to announce the launch of Who What Where www.whowhatwhere.co.za , an online geolocated resource of services and resources available to older persons in South Africa, primarily the Western Cape. 

Drawing on the WHO concept of ‘age-friendly cities’ https://extranet.who.int/agefriendlyworld/age-friendly-cities-framework/, SIFAR identified the value of developing a geolocated database in easy-to-use format, on an interactive platform, consolidating information on resources, services andservice providers relevant to the needs and interest of older persons. SIFAR also identified a concurrent need for NGOs, government and the private sector to have access to key indicators of older persons’ demographic, wellbeing and socio-economic status to support project planning and service provision at the community level, as well to promote and inform advocacy and research.

Visit www.whowhatwhere.co.za to access this information and gain further insight into this open source resource. If you have useful data on resources for older persons from anywhere in South Africa to contribute to this platform, please contact us at rblack@sifar.org.za

Visit the Who What Where website